Calling ALL Ladies!

Calling all LADIES!

If you’re a woman, if you have emotions, if you have hormones, if you have a “monthly visitor,” or even if you don’t have one anymore, Young Living has an oil for YOU!

Young Living has a serum called PROGESSENCE PLUS, which is made specifically to balance and promote harmony in the body and alleviate women’s issues. It contains a naturally occurring form of progesterone from wild yam extract combined with essential oils and vitamin E. It’s usually applied topically and is made to specifically support female hormones, and thereby, emotions.

Progessence Plus was developed by a doctor who specializes in women’s hormone issues. When testing women who came to see him, almost all of them had low or ZERO progesterone. This is a problem, because this is a hormone that our body needs in adequate amounts for our libido and overall wellness. Sounding familiar to anyone? Many common women’s issues are attributed to low levels of natural progesterone. Progesterone decreases over time with age and tends to drop after childbirth for many women, and when it drops too low, our sex drive disappears. Low progesterone and/or estrogen also contribute to hot flashes, insomnia and night sweats.

Now, before you freak out because replacement hormones like progesterone and estrogen are dangerous, let’s take a moment to delineate between naturally occurring hormones in the body, plant hormones, and synthetic hormones.

Natural hormones are in our body and are necessary for the reproductive system and overall wellbeing. Phytoestrogens like those found in Clary Sage are plant hormones that are similar to mammal estrogens and they are bioavailable in the body. Cool, eh? Synthetic progesterone and synthetic estrogen are NOT completely compatible with the body. The synthetic nature of these products are that they have side effects…. and the side effects are bad. Like a -disease-we-shall-not-name bad.

I know several women who actually were able to stabilize their hormones. I personally apply a few drops every single morning and night before and love how it has helped me not live on an emotional roller-coaster.

Progessence Plus is serum, blended with many essential oils inside that support women’s health. These oils include clove, rosewood, balsam copaiba, sacred frankincense, cedarwood, bergamot, and peppermint. It does have a thicker consistency, making it more like a serum, and that is due to the coconut oil and USP-grade progesterone from wild yam extract.

Progessence Plus is one that most women love so much, that they wish Young Living made it available to purchase by the gallon! It is particularly famous for:
-Supporting women’s health
-Relief during menstruation
-PMS relief
-Hormone support
-Harmonizing emotions
-Natural fragrance option
-Encourages sexual tendencies
-Boosts libido

Since Progessence Plus is a serum for the skin, you’ll want to apply this topically. Many like to apply over thin skin, like the wrists and neck. Others have also applied over the lower tummy during monthly visits, or even the inner thighs to heighten sexual senses and promote a more evident libido.

I highly recommend checking out the ingredients of this product into more depth later on, especially the essential oils. Again, those include clove, rosewood, balsam copaiba, sacred frankincense, cedarwood, bergamot, and peppermint. All of those essential oils contain many powerful constituents that encourage increased sexual desire, and so much more.

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