DIY Lip Scrub

Are you feeling creative? I love the idea of knowing that there are all kinds of things I can make to add to my beauty routine that comes from my kitchen! Here is a very easy Lip Scrub that you can make from the ingredients in your pantry, and YLEOs of course!

It’s winter time and my lips are super dry! I literally made this scrub this morning and they are already on the mend! 



First, take a mixing bowl, add 2 tablespoons of local honey and 2 tablespoons of sugar and mix well. ——->




<——-  Then, add an EO of your choice.

I chose Lime Vitality and Tangerine Vitality for a nice citrus feel (and taste)!

This scrub is already working well for me, and while you’re not supposed to eat it, you always get some in your mouth no matter what, right? Well this one tastes so good, it’s hard not to just eat it, and since I used Vitality oils, there is no need to worry if you ingest it.


You can find the small ramekins and glass mixing bowls here.

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